About us

Who are we?

Gateshead Autism Group is a One Stop Shop for Autism

Aimed at people of all ages, on the autistic spectrum, as well as the families/carers.  We can help you to access a whole range of services, as we work alongside a large network of service providers throughout Gateshead and the north-east. We also meet an work regularly with local and regional autism working groups, to influence changes to “better” peoples lives, which are affected by autism.

In addition, we provide Awareness Training for the private and public sector, so we may make awareness of Autism, especially in the workplace.

Help us to make Gateshead the first Autism friendly borough!

What we do

We offer a range of services and activities including:

An invaluable support group
(Meets Monthly)

Telephone support



Outreach Support
(Using person centred planning)

We also run a variety of Activities throughout the year

Our Staff

Maria Hall Director and Managing Director of Diagonal Alternatives

Martin Mulvaney Director

Mary Burn Director and Carer

Cllr Alex Geddes Trustee

Martin Flowers Head Teacher of Cedars School and Trustee

Tricia McGinley Trustee

Here at Gateshead Autism Group we are continuously looking for fundraisers to help raise funds for our group. We are ran solely by volunteers and so every penny raised goes into our charity to provide services, which benefit people on the Autism Spectrum, their families and carers.

Aims of GAG

Peer and Citizen Advocacy

Peer and Citizen Advocacy

To provide an advocacy service to individuals seeking a diagnosis and post diagnosis support to access a range of public services. To provide an advocacy service for parents navigating the complex SEN system for their child, including diagnosis and the assessment process to get a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Support Families

Support Families

striving to help their children with autism by means of early intervention programmes and appropriate therapies. Advice and guidance will be delivered through accredited staff, who will have experience of working in this field. To be available to all those with ASC and their families, to offer practical support and provision.

Improve Health Outcomes

Improve Health Outcomes

for people with ASC through case loading families and individuals suffering from ASC to ensure that they access and engage with appropriate support services and activities. To work towards reducing health inequalities via health prevention and screening programmes.

Providing Employment Opportunities

Providing Employment Opportunities

GAG will complement the work of its partner organisations by providing additional training and employment opportunities, to include access to work experience placements, employment training routes and supported employment opportunities.

Supporting Social Network Opportunities

Supporting Social Network Opportunities

GAG will complement the work of its partner organisations by supporting access to social network opportunities to young people, informal peer group meetings, social gatherings, friends and family events, and residential experiences.

Creating Learning Opportunities

Creating Learning Opportunities

including accredited academic routes (GCSE, A Level), life skills (functional skills, pre employment skills, personal development) and life enrichment for example, Woodwork, pottery, printing, art and fine crafts, information technology and physical education. As well as outdoor adventurous activities and horticulture.

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